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Yonkers Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyers

Yonkers has a thriving real estate market and also has some of the highest closing costs. There may be fees for the lender, the attorney, the title search, and the insurance company. Keep in mind that the sale contract usually states who pays for these costs. 

At the law office of Cesar Zuniga, Esq., we help our clients buy and sell real estate by drawing on our deep knowledge of Westchester and Yonkers real estate law and financing. If you want to buy or sell a home in Yonkers, we can assist. 

We are knowledgeable with residential real estate law law and markets. We can help guide you through the whole process, from contract signing to receiving your keys. We can help you with things like title issues, title disputes along with other important real estate and real property issues.

Let our law office assist you with your Yonkers residential real estate closing. We will assist with any issues, problems or disagreements that arise during your home buying or home selling journey.  To get started, call 914-677-1330 or send us a message online.

Yonkers Real Estate Matters Handled

Whether you are a buyer or seller of property, you are best advised to hire an experienced real estate attorney to guide you throughout the complicated legal process.

Fortunately, we bring our legal expertise to bear and can assist with the following real estate matters, which include:

  • Residential Real Estate Closings
  • Single Family Closings
  • Multi Family Closings
  • Coop Closings
  • Condo Closings
  • Townhouse Closings

Experienced With Handling All Phases of Real Estate

From making an offer to selling the house, we take care of everything. With our expert advice and promise to answer your questions and address your concerns as they come up, you can be sure that your property interests are being looked after at every step.

Our real estate lawyers can assist with all of the following during the real estate closing process.

  • Preparing and Reviewing Real Estate Sales Contracts
  • Negotiating Real Estate Contracts
  • Reviewing Lending Documents 
  • Ordering Title Search & Reviewing Title Search Results
  • Analyzing Real Estate Deals & Rectifying Issues
  • Handling Any Encumbrance Issues 
  • Conducting Real Estate Closing 

At Cesar Zuniga, Esq., Attorney at Law, our Yonkers real estate lawyers knows the real estate process in and out and can lend our unique experience to clients involved in the

Finalizing Sales Contract

We can help you close sales contracts, which is a common type of business deal. We work for both buyers and sellers, so we know how both sides think and work. If you are the buyer, for example, you need to work quickly with an attorney to finish and sign a contract of sale. This contract should list all the terms of the deal, such as the price, any conditions, and the date when the deal will close. You should also make sure the property is inspected, and if it’s a co-op or condo, you should have your lawyer look at the building’s records and financial statements.

Both the buyer and the seller should have their lawyers write and negotiate the contract of sale, making sure to address the issues above. Once all the terms have been listed and covered, the contract will be ready to sign, and you will have a final contract of sale.

Contact our Yonkers Real Estate Lawyers online or at  914-677-1330 to find out more about how we can help you with your real estate matters right now.

Yonkers Real Estate Closings

Our company handles Yonkers real estate closings, which somepromotional are the last step in buying or selling a home.

During a real estate closing, the buyer usually has to sign all the necessary loan documents. The seller, on the other hand, can have their attorney represent them at the closing and sign all the paperwork ahead of time.

Some of the paperwork needed for closings are:

HUD Statement: Form for conventional mortgages from the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Truth in Lending Statement: A federal form that shows the real cost of getting a mortgage.

Closing Statement:  Describes what happens with the money at the closing.

Mortgage Note: Signed by the buyer, who agrees to pay back a loan if they are paying for the house with a loan.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Westchester, our real estate lawyer can help you fill out the right paperwork. Before the closing date, we will also go over these forms with you. Depending on your situation, you may also need to bring certified or cashier checks for your agreed-upon share of the closing costs.

When you buy or sell property, you have many legal responsibilities and obligations. We can help you with any real estate deal, not just the ones listed above. You should hire a focused and experienced law firm to make sure that your property rights are protected and that your responsibilities are met.

Contact Our Yonkers Real Estate Lawyers 

Our real estate lawyers in Yonkers, New York can assist you with all of  your real estate closing matters. You can schedule a free consultation with attorney Cesar Zuniga, Esq. by calling our number, (914) 677-1330.

We love serving the Westchester community, including Yonkers, Mount Vernon, White Plains, New Rochelle and More. 

We also love serving all of the Yonkers community, including Alexander Smith, Bronxville Heights, Bryn Mawr, Centuck, Crestwood, Colonial Heights, Getty Square, Homefield, Lincoln Park, Ludlow, Nepera Park, Nepperhan, Park Hill and more.

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