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Personal Injury Lawyers

There are several subcategories of lawsuits, and personal injury claims are just one of them. It is common practice to use the phrase “personal injury” as an umbrella word for a variety of injuries and losses for which a person may be entitled to compensation. Damages to a person’s body, feelings, or property may all be included in the category of “personal injuries.” The law acknowledges a wide range of personal injury claims and provides an equivalent number of different types of compensation for such injuries. 

You may have a viable claim for personal injury if the actions of another person caused you to suffer from pain, difficulty, or any other type of loss. Our Westchester personal injury lawyers can assist you in evaluating your case and determining the amount of damages you are entitled to. At our law office, we offer a no-cost consultation service where you can talk about your legal matter with a member of our team. For further information, feel free to contact us at (914) 677-1330. 

Westchester Personal Injury Services

We represent Injury victims and their families throughout Westchester County. Our Westchester Personal Injury Services encompass the following: 

Free Legal Consultations

Our legal team can assist by providing free legal consultations to accident victims. We will listen to your recitation of what transpired, evaluate legal liability, evaluate the damages sustained, how much your case might be worth, chances of success, and advise whether your matter is the type we could handle. 

Client Communications 

Personal injury clients are concerned about their personal injury lawsuit and seek routine updates on their matters. We understand clients want to know what is occurring, what is going to happen next and how long their case will be pending.  Our team is here to assist and provide updates at various stages of the case. We will stay in touch with you at every stage of the process and keep you updated whenever any material developments arise. 

No Hourly Charges 

Our law firm handles personal injury lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. Under this arrangement, we only receive payment from a percentage of the money you win from your case. You are not required to pay us anything unless we are successful in obtaining monetary compensation. 

Commencing a Westchester Personal Injury lawsuit

A lawsuit for personal injury may be appropriate for a number of different types of injuries. A personal injury victim may sustain a type of physical injury, which can be caused by an accident or by the purposeful or intentional behavior of the offender. In addition to physical injuries, there may be emotional injuries, which result in emotional or cognitive effects from the underlying accident. There are also instances in which the victim is not physically or emotionally harmed but rather sustains damage to their property, such as their vehicle, their home, or significant personal possessions. When consulting with our Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers, we can evaluate your matter to determine what type of injuries you sustained, i.e., physical, emotional and/or property damages. 

Types of Cases Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers Can Assist With

Our Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers have worked on a wide variety of cases and we have gained invaluable experience. You can speak to a member of our staff if you feel you have sustained injuries in an accident. We can discuss your matter and determine whether or not the circumstances surrounding your situation meet the requirements for a personal injury claim. You may have a number of legal options worth investigating. 

Our group is ready to offer assistance in the form of legal counsel and representation on any of the following matters: 

Car Accidents 

Automobile collisions are among the most common types of accidents. As a result of automobile collisions, victims may sustain injuries that are both debilitating and permanently disabling. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are among the most prevalent sorts of accidents. In these types of accidents, the severity of injuries can vary substantially. Despite this, it is imperative you consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Westchester. 

Construction Accidents

It can be challenging to deal with the consequence of an injury sustained in the construction industry, and this is especially true in the case of injuries that could make it challenging to go back to work. 

Employment Related Accidents

If you are injured on the job, it is important to understand when you are required to file a claim through Workers’ Compensation and when you are permitted to file a lawsuit for personal injuries in order to receive compensation for your injuries. 

Collapse Accidents

Ceiling collapses or structural collapses happen suddenly.  These types of accident can cause serious or even devastating injuries, including death. This can take people by surprise, and leave families dealing with significant medical expenses and other consequences. 

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites and other attacks by animals are typically difficult to litigate in New York because of the state’s complex dog bite laws. Experienced Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers can assist and ensure your claim is handled properly and you receive compensation for your injuries. 

Assault Injuries 

Any injuries you sustain as a result of an assault or battery can be life-altering, and the emotional repercussions of the assault may entitle you to large financial damages. 

Negligent Nursing Home Care

Lawsuits alleging negligent or abusive nursing home treatment are common. Unfortunately, nursing home staff may treat our elderly community haphazardly or in an abusive manner.  If you or a loved one has sustained injuries due to the above, you may be entitled to seek compensation for injuries caused as a result of abuse or neglect. 

Wrongful Death 

It is a terrible tragedy to lose a loved one in an accident that could have been prevented. Individuals who are responsible for the injuries and death of the victim(s) should be held liable to the maximum extent of the law. 

Elevator and Escalator Accidents 

There are thousands of elevators and escalators throughout Westchester. Elevator and escalator accidents also occur frequently. These types of accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. Victims of these types of accident may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the elevator or escalator company, the repair or maintenance staff, or the building owner where the elevator or escalator was installed. 

Medical Malpractice 

Misdiagnosis, medication errors, surgical errors, and objects left inside the patient are all examples of situations in which medical professionals and hospitals can be held liable for injuries caused by their negligence. This is especially true in situations in which the errors result in long-term health consequences or death. 

Bus Accidents 

In the event of an accident involving a public transit bus, charter bus, or even a school bus, it is possible for passengers and other drivers to sustain serious injuries that frequently necessitate significant compensation. 

How Our Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

We love providing top notch legal services to our clients. This includes excellent services in the courtroom and also in our office’s interactions with our clients. 

Free Legal Consultation & Advice

We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with guidance and advice and use our years of experience to work for you. Because our Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers are able to discuss your case with you and keep you aware of your alternatives from the very beginning of your case, you will be able to feel assured about the course that your case will take. 

Investigating & Compiling Evidence

We require evidence in order to prove your case in a court of law. In order to gather all of the facts necessary to construct a compelling argument, the attorneys in our firm can conduct investigations into what took place, conduct searches for evidence that you might have overlooked, and conduct interviews with witnesses and other interested parties. 

Handling Negotiations with Insurance Companies

The majority of personal injury claims are resolved through settlements. It is critically important that you not place faith in the insurance company’s assessment of your case. The majority of insurance companies want to close claims as quickly as possible by having you agree to settle for low monetary amounts. Retain our Westchester personal injury lawyers to represent you. Our attorneys know all the tricks that insurance companies use and we will communicate with them directly while fighting for a settlement that is fair and just. 

Proving Case at Trial

If a settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to court to ensure you receive the compensation you require. If your matter needs to go to trial, we will do all in our power to build a compelling argument and defend it in front of the judge and the jury. 

How Much Should I Expect to Win? 

A significant part of a personal injury attorney’s work is to fight for you to receive the compensation that you are entitled to as a result of your case. On the other hand, before we can acquire you the money you require, we need to figure out how much your case is worth. 

Valuing personal injury lawsuits can be difficult if one does not first examine the particular facts of one’s own case. We need to look at the medical bills and any other financial records associated with your case so that we can get a better idea of how much money you have already spent on damages as a result of the injuries and how much money you will have to spend in the future on bills and other costs. It is also essential that you examine your income and the ways in which your injuries may have hindered your ability to work and limited the amount of money you are capable of earning. 

To put it simply, a personal injury lawyer in Westchester is here to assist you in winning your case. This is the single most important aspect of their profession. There are a few essential actions you need to take in order to improve your odds of winning, the majority of which will be the key focuses of the services that we provide. 

To begin, it is essential that you acquire solid evidence in order to construct a solid argument. The majority of evidence is presented in the form of witness testimony, which may also include the victim’s own testimony. In addition, any paperwork that you are able to give will be essential to the process of showing what took place, when it took place, and what efforts were done to rectify the situation. As an additional piece of evidence, photos and videos of the accident, the injuries, the accident scene, and any other pertinent places, people, or objects can go a long way toward showing what occurred and who was at fault. 

Second, it is essential to consult with an attorney regarding the best way to prove your case. In every category of personal injury claim, there is a specific set of evidence that needs to be presented and established. In order to increase the likelihood of successfully resolving your legal matter, the attorneys we employ will compile evidence that clearly demonstrates each of the aforementioned criteria. 

Last but not least, it is essential to collaborate with an attorney who has the necessary level of experience to manage your case. The legal system is difficult to navigate, and if you don’t have an experienced Yonkers personal injury lawyer at your side, you could be setting yourself up for failure by not complying with the necessary files, the rules of evidence, and the laws of criminal procedure. If you have a skilled attorney on your side, you can be assured that your case will be managed by a competent legal practitioner from the very beginning to the very finish. 

How Much Time Do I Have to Sue for Personal Injuries in Westchester?

From the time of your accident all the way through multiple court hearings and the trial, a personal injury case might feel like you’re in the midst of a whirlwind. People who have been hurt frequently question  whether or not they should file a personal injury lawsuit and when they should do so. It is imperative that you discuss the details of your case with a lawyer as soon as possible rather than waiting. Our personal injury attorneys in Westchster, NY can assist you in determining whether or not to submit a claim in a timely manner. 

In the state of New York, the statute of limitations for bringing a legal action for personal injury is three years. Statutes of this type impose time limits on the various cases that can be pursued. It’s possible that different kinds of legal actions are subject to different time limits, or statutes of limitations. Because of this, it is really necessary to start working on your case as soon as possible rather than putting it off. In addition to this, the amount of time you have to do your task may be different depending on who the defendant is. For instance, if you are going to file a lawsuit against a municipality like a town or city, you might find that you have a shorter window of opportunity to do so. 

Personal injury claims are subject to strict time limits that are imposed by statutes of limitations; however, if the statute is tolled, there may be more time than anticipated. If you were unable to file your lawsuit on time due to exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for tolling. To illustrate, because children cannot initiate cases on their own for personal injuries, the statute of limitations is typically tolled until the child reaches the age of 18. 

Damages In Westchester Personal Injury Lawsuits

Damages are any losses or injuries that were sustained by a plaintiff in a personal injury action, for which the plaintiff is seeking compensation from the defendant. Although monetary compensation is typically given for damages, not all types of losses may be quantified in monetary terms. 

The losses and injuries sustained by a plaintiff are taken into account when determining the amount of compensatory damages to award. The purpose of compensatory damages is to “make whole” a plaintiff by restoring them to a financial position comparable to what it was before they were hurt as a result of the defendant’s actions. However, compensatory damages can be awarded for both monetary and non-monetary losses, depending on the circumstances. 

Damages that are related to injuries and losses in terms of money are referred to as economic damages. Economic damages include a wide variety of expenses, including those associated with repairs, medical care, and lost wages. Because we are not required to make an educated guess as to the monetary value of a loss, the calculation of these losses is a lot less complicated than that of other damages. 

Losses that cannot be quantified in terms of monetary value are referred to as “non-economic damages.” Pain and suffering, both physically and mentally, endured by a plaintiff is an example of the type of non-economic harm that is frequently sustained. Even though a plaintiff’s mental and bodily suffering does not result in monetary losses, courts almost always have no choice but to compensate them monetarily because they lack any other method. 

The purpose of punitive damages is not to put the plaintiff back in their original position. Instead, they are intended to serve as a form of punishment for defendants who have engaged in inappropriate behavior. In the state of New York, a claim for punitive damages can only be made if the defendant was responsible for conduct that was particularly egregious, outrageous, or intentional. Punitive damages do not automatically follow from standard acts of negligence. Because of this, awards for these types of damages are uncommon. You can rely on the personal injury attorneys in Yonkers, New York to assist you in determining whether or not you are entitled to punitive damages for your case. 

The Role That an Attorney Can Play in the Resolution of Your Personal Injury Case 

The management of a personal injury litigation calls for significant legal knowledge and abilities, neither of which the average person is likely to possess. The act of filing a lawsuit in and of itself is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. Our personal injury lawyers in Yonkers, New York are ready to assist you in filing a claim and arguing for financial recompense when you hire them to handle your case. 

A solid legal strategy is going to be extremely important to the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit. It is essential to be familiar with the arguments to be made and the evidence to offer. Before a case is ever brought to a jury for deliberation, it must first pass through an extensive series of pre-trial hearings and procedures. You might additionally have to deal with the dilemma of deciding whether or not to accept a settlement offer. Defending oneself in court without the assistance of an attorney is practically impossible due to the process’s high level of difficulty, which necessitates specialized education, knowledge, and experience. The best person to assist you in obtaining the necessary compensation for your injuries is an attorney. 

Contact Our Westchester Personal Injury Lawyers in Westchester, NY 

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