Northwest Yonkers: A Guide to the Neighborhood’s Best Attractions

Northwest Yonkers is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood located in Yonkers, New York. Its boundaries are roughly defined by the Saw Mill River Parkway to the east, the Hudson River to the west, Ashburton Avenue to the south, and the Hastings-on-Hudson village line to the north. The neighborhood is known for its rich history, beautiful parks, and thriving community.

Living in Northwest Yonkers offers residents a mix of urban and suburban living. The neighborhood boasts a variety of housing options, ranging from historic homes to modern apartments. The area is home to several parks, including the popular Untermyer Gardens, which features beautiful gardens, sculptures, and a stunning Hudson River view. Residents also enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options in nearby downtown Yonkers.

Real estate opportunities in Northwest Yonkers are diverse and offer something for everyone. The neighborhood has seen a recent surge in development, with new residential and commercial projects in the works. The area’s unique mix of urban and suburban living, along with its proximity to New York City, make it an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate.

Living in Northwest Yonkers

Northwest Yonkers is a vibrant and diverse community located in Westchester County, New York. With its stunning views of the Hudson River and easy access to Manhattan, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to call this area home. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at what it’s like to live in Northwest Yonkers, including the real estate landscape, education and community, parks and recreation, transportation and accessibility, local amenities and services, economic outlook, and cultural attractions.

Real Estate Landscape

Northwest Yonkers offers a variety of housing options to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a spacious single-family home, a cozy condo, or a modern studio apartment, you’re sure to find something that fits your lifestyle. Homes for sale in Northwest Yonkers range from one to four bedrooms and one to three baths, with a median home price of $350,000. Home trends in the area include open floor plans, updated kitchens and bathrooms, and plenty of outdoor space.

Education and Community

Northwest Yonkers is home to a number of excellent schools, including PEARLS Hawthorne School, School 22, and Gorton High School. These schools provide students with a high-quality education in a supportive and nurturing environment. The community is also known for its strong sense of community, with residents coming together to support local events and initiatives.

Parks and Recreation

Northwest Yonkers is home to several beautiful parks and recreational areas, including Untermyer Park and Gardens and Tibbetts Brook Park. These parks offer residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, with hiking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds. The Hudson River also provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, and boating.

Transportation and Accessibility

Northwest Yonkers is easily accessible via the Metro-North train station, which provides direct access to Manhattan and Grand Central Station. The area is also served by several major highways, including the Saw Mill River Parkway and the New York State Thruway. This makes it easy for residents to commute to work or travel to other parts of the state.

Local Amenities and Services

Northwest Yonkers offers a wide range of local amenities and services, including restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Getty Square is a popular destination for residents, with its many shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The area is also home to a number of healthcare providers, including St. John’s Riverside Hospital.

Economic Outlook

Northwest Yonkers has a strong economy, with a median household income of $60,000 and a low unemployment rate. The area has seen steady business growth in recent years, with new businesses opening up and existing businesses expanding.

Cultural Attractions

Northwest Yonkers is home to several cultural attractions, including the Hudson River Museum and Untermyer Park. The museum features exhibits on art, history, and science, while Untermyer Park is known for its beautiful gardens and historic architecture. The area also has a rich arts scene, with many local artists and performers showcasing their work at galleries and theaters throughout the community.

Real Estate Opportunities

Northwest Yonkers offers a variety of real estate opportunities for those looking to buy a home or invest in property. With a range of private developers and established real estate agencies, such as Century 21 Dawns Gold, Demarsh Properties Inc, Lucille Esposito Realty, ERA Insite Realty Services, and Double C Realty, there are plenty of options available to suit different budgets and preferences.

Buying a Home

For those looking to buy a home in Northwest Yonkers, there are many residential properties available for purchase. The median days on market for homes in this area is currently around 70 days, indicating a relatively healthy market with reasonable turnover. Home values in Northwest Yonkers are also on the rise, making it a potentially good investment opportunity.

Some popular neighborhoods to consider when looking for a home include Bryn Mawr, Northwest Yonkers, and Park Hill. These areas offer a range of different styles of homes, from historic houses to modern apartments, and are all conveniently located close to amenities such as shops, schools, and parks.

Property Investment

For those interested in property investment, Northwest Yonkers also offers a range of opportunities. Private developers are currently investing in the area, which is driving up property values and making it an attractive option for investors.

There are also many established real estate agencies that can help investors find suitable properties to purchase. These agencies can provide market trends and analysis to help investors make informed decisions about where to invest their money.

Market Trends and Analysis

Market trends and analysis show that Northwest Yonkers is a growing area with a lot of potential for real estate investment. The area is becoming increasingly popular with families and young professionals, which is driving up demand for housing.

According to GreatSchools, there are several highly-rated schools in the area, which is another factor that is attracting families to the area. As more people move to Northwest Yonkers, property values are likely to continue to rise, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

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