Landlord Tenant

Several situations could lead a landlord or tenant to seek legal advice. These may include disputes over rental payments or rental costs, rental agreements, habitability of a rental property, or even discrimination claims. A landlord and tenant attorney can provide you with helpful information so you can determine what your rights and options are during any given situation. They can also help you navigate through court systems and provide you with representation through the process. Whether you are leasing an apartment or a house, or you are a landlord renting out properties, an attorney can help you make knowledgeable decisions to protect your interests.         

Conflicts between a landlord and tenant may be caused by a variety of reasons and can be an unpleasant experience for all parties involved. Sometimes an increase in rent, unpaid or late payment of rent, or the condition of a property can lead to a dispute. Settling a dispute can be a lengthy and complicated process. Handling these on your own can be a stressful undertaking. Having an attorney by your side ensures that you are fully represented during the process and are aware of your legal rights. This allows you to plan a proper course of action to settle disagreements.       

Whether you are a landlord who has to evict a tenant or you are a tenant facing eviction, having legal representation can ensure that you are fully aware of your rights, local eviction laws, and your options. For landlords, there are several steps you have to take before you can evict a tenant such as filing necessary paperwork like pay or quit notices, eviction forms, and filing complaints with the court. If you are a tenant who is being evicted, it is vital to know your rights. An attorney will advise you about state and local tenant rights so you can plan a defense.

Landlords can legally deny you housing for several reasons. These may include past history of damaging properties, your credit history, bad references, or income. If you are denied housing due to factors such as race, nationality, religion, disabilities, pregnancy, or age, there are laws in place to protect you. State and federal laws have been written that make it illegal to deny housing to anyone based on the aforementioned factors. It is also against the law to choose tenants based on marital or familial status, such as having children. A qualified attorney can represent you should this happen, and will help you file the proper lawsuits.

Rental Agreements
Rental agreements are important contracts between a landlord and tenant which clearly lay out the terms, rules, and duration of the lease period of a property. They play a crucial role in protecting the rental property for the landlord and in guarding the tenant’s rights. Landlord and tenant lawyers can help you create lease agreements for short and long-term rental periods. This will ensure that the language on the documents is transparent and adheres to all local laws and regulations, while protecting you and your investments should anything go wrong during the duration of the lease.

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