Attorney Services in Yonkers

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Unexpected situations can arise causing unnecessary stress for you or a loved one. These can involve a personal injury, an unexpected death, real estate issues, or a dispute with your landlord or tenant. No matter the situation, you will greatly benefit from retaining the services of a qualified attorney. An attorney can help you navigate through confusing court processes, draft important documentation, defend you during foreclosure proceedings, handle estate planning, or offer legal representation should you need to appear before a judge. Attorneys provide a variety of services to help you protect yourself and your investments and will also help you gain a better understanding of the law.

Personal Injury
Personal injuries caused by auto accidents, trip and fall, or construction accidents can be devastating. It may take years to heal from these injuries and some people are left permanently disabled. This can lead to millions of dollars in medical bills and lost income through missed work or loss of employment. If another party is responsible for your injury due to their negligent actions, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you recuperate your costs. An attorney will offer representation in court and will work diligently to ensure that the responsible parties are held liable for those losses. 

Real Estate
Selling or buying a home can be a complicated endeavor. A real estate agent can help you with many steps of the process, but there are situations that call for the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney. A real estate attorney can protect you during important transactions, draft necessary paperwork, and even with settling disputes whether you are the seller or buyer. Real estate attorneys can also aid with acquiring title insurance, evictions (landlord and tenant), stalling or stopping foreclosure proceedings, can appear for you in court, and filing lawsuits should you be a victim of housing discrimination.

Estate Planning
It is always a good idea to have a will written to be prepared for the inevitable. An attorney can draft your documents so that your final wishes are made clear to those you left behind. But having a will is just one of the necessary steps in the planning process. An estate planning attorney can help you protect your family, properties, and assets by aiding you with establishing various trusts, naming executors and beneficiaries, and making necessary funeral arrangements. This allows you to free your grieving loved ones from these stressful responsibilities during difficult times.

Legal Representation
Proper legal representation can be essential if you are faced with a serious problem or when making important professional and personal life decisions. An attorney can protect you during the sale or purchase of a home or help you recuperate financial losses due to an injury. They can also be vital by providing important legal advice and representation during a lawsuit, eviction, or foreclosure. An estate planning attorney can help you get your affairs in order to make sure your wishes are carried out after death and can ensure your heirs and interests will be represented and protected.

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