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You never know when you will be faced with a difficult or life-changing situation such as losing a loved one due to the negligent acts of another party or being injured in a car accident. You may be a buyer involved in the closing process of a home sale and want to make sure your interests are protected. Perhaps it’s a less stressful situation like needing important documents drafted and filed.

Our attorneys can assist you with an array of services including providing legal advice, drafting and filing vital paperwork, and can offer necessary representation and come up with legal strategies for a variety of issues.

About Us
The law office of Cesar Zuniga, Esq., is a local firm proudly offering an array of legal services to the residents of Yonkers and Westchester. We provide honest and friendly legal help backed by many years of dedicated experience to our communities. We have a deep understanding of personal injury law, real estate law, estate law, and landlord and tenant law. We can guide you through home sale transactions and closings, help you recover financial losses from an accident or wrongful death, or establish a trust so your family and investments are protected. Our team of skilled attorneys is ready to assist you with any of your legal needs.

Our Services

We provide a variety of legal services to help the residents of our communities with navigating difficult situations such as assistance defending a foreclosure proceeding or becoming involved in a dispute with a landlord or tenant. Our estate planning attorneys can draft wills, name executors and beneficiaries, as well as offering representation during the probate process so your final wishes can be properly carried out. We are also here to help with personal injury and wrongful death cases and will work to ensure accident victims and their loved ones are compensated for their losses. Whether you require legal advice or representation during court proceedings, we are eager to help.

Attorney Services Yonkers

Retaining the services of a qualified attorney can provide many benefits. The law office of Cesar Zuniga, Esq. offers legal services to aid you with estate planning, when closing on a home, with personal injury cases, tenant and landlord issues, and much more. We have a team of real estate attorneys, personal injury attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and other experts ready to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and options and to help protect you, your family, and your investments.

Personal Injury

A car accident, trip and fall, or construction accident can lead to serious consequences or even death. Injuries can cause heavy financial losses from missed work and medical bills. This can be tough, especially if it’s through no fault of your own. If you are left with a long-term disability, those losses could last a lifetime. A personal injury attorney will ensure that you have full representation and that any negligent parties responsible for your injury are held liable for your financial losses.

“I lost my husband due to a defective product.  Our family needed an attorney to vigorously represent my family and fight for justice.  We entrusted our case to you and you did everything possible to ensure our rights were preserved.  Thank you for being so aggressive and for resolving the matter on favorable terms to the estate and our family.”

Real Estate

Whether you are in the process of buying or selling a home you want to make sure that your investments are protected. A real estate attorney will review all of the documents and revise them if necessary. They will also help handle transactions and review purchase agreements to ensure full transparency. They can aid you with acquiring title insurance, settling any disputes if they arise, and offer advice on property taxes, appraisals, and local regulations.

Landlord Tenant

The majority of tenants and landlords will never have issues during the rental period. At times, disagreements may arise over things like an increase in rental rates, the habitability of a property, or a failure to pay rent, among other things. An attorney can help settle these disputes and inform tenants and landlords of their rights and what their plan of action should be for any given situation. If you have been served with eviction papers of feel you are a victim of housing discrimination, you will greatly benefit from the services of a qualified attorney.

“You represented me in my purchase of my property in Yonkers. Thank you for taking my calls and guiding me through the process as a first time homebuyer. We felt comfortable with your guidance throughout the buying journey.”

Foreclosure Defense

A mortgage company or lender can begin foreclosure proceedings against you if you default on payments. Foreclosure can be a lengthy and expensive process. There are steps you can take when faced with those circumstances. Our attorneys can inform you of your options and advise you of your rights. They will also represent you in court should it be necessary. Our attorneys possess the expertise to come up with valuable foreclosure defense strategies to stall or stop proceedings.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning ensures that those you leave behind aren’t faced with many of the stressors that come with the death of a loved one. An estate planning attorney will guide you through the process of making a will, establishing different types of trusts, designating an executor, and naming beneficiaries. They can also help you make all funeral arrangements and represent your estate during the probate process. Estate planning releases your family from these burdens and makes your final wishes clear.
“You were clear on what my choices were during foreclosure proceedings started against me. The matter was stayed due to a bankruptcy filing and I was able to obtain a loan modification that allowed me to stay in my house.”

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There are several situations where it is pretty evident that an attorney is required. These can include personal injury and wrongful death. Other times, it is a bit less obvious. Retaining the services of an attorney can be very beneficial if you are buying or selling a home, you need key documents written and filed, you find yourself in a disagreement with your landlord, or if you just need legal advice. Our attorneys servicing Yonkers and Westchester are ready to help you with your legal needs. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation or to just ask our team of legal professionals questions you may have.

A buyer’s closing attorney is responsible for reviewing the contract of sale, advising the client of key provisions before signing, performing due diligence tasks, ordering a title search, ordering title insurance, coordinating closing documents, attending the closing and advising the client accordingly, distributing funds and more. 

A seller’s attorney general drafts the contract of sale and seeks to expedite the sale of property on a particular closing date. The seller’s closing attorney advises the clients of any issues that may prevent the closing and seeks to coordinate to remedy them with the real estate broker. 

You can hire an attorney recommended by your broker. You should note that real estate attorneys many times receive a large share of referrals from real estate brokers. 

If you die without a will, the New York State Intestacy laws will apply. Your surviving relatives will have to file paperwork in Surrogate’s Court to distribute any assets not passing to your beneficiaries. A will or trust allows you to plan ahead and determine how your property will be divided, and also plan in avoiding taxation. 

Accident lawyers generally do all the following:

– investigates the circumstances surrounding the accident

– collects information such as police reports, accident reports and medical records

– determines who may be responsible for causing the accident

– determines what the statute of limitations applies

– determines where to bring any lawsuit, such as federal or state court

– obtains statements from witnesses where warranted- researches what your case is worth

– and much more.

Every case is different and you should hire an attorney as soon as possible as time limits may likely apply.

Yes. Under New York law, you can fire your lawyer at any time. All you need is to advise your attorney you are terminating the attorney’s services. It is advisable this be memorialized in writing via email or correspondence.  If you hire a new attorney, your new attorney will send out any notice.

Accident attorneys generally take accident cases on a contingency fee. This means that an attorney will charge a percentage of any settlement or recovery obtained. This type of fee is popular throughout New York, and the US generally, since most accident victims don’t have the means of paying an attorney an hourly fee. The contingency fee arrangement allow clients to proceed with claims they otherwise would not be able to hire an attorney to prosecute. An attorney takes a percentage of the recovery if there is recovery, and bears the risk if no recovery is obtained. This type of contingency fee arrangement is not common in other areas of law such as real estate, will preparation, matrimonial law, etc.

If you are being sued by a person injured in an accident, you should immediately forward the lawsuit papers to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier is obligated to hire an attorney to defend you and your interests in any lawsuit. If for some reason you do not have any insurance coverage, then you will likely need to retain counsel out of pocket to defend you. 

We love serving the Westchester and Yonkers communities. 

We serve all of Yonkers, New York, including Alexander Smith, Beech Hill, Bronxville Heights, Bryn Mawr, Centuck, Crestwood, Colonial Heights, Dunwoodie, Getty Square, Homefield, Lincoln Park, Ludlow, Nepera Park, Nepperhan, Nodine Hill, Northwest Yonkers, Park Hill, Southeast Yonkers, Whitney Young and more.

We also assist clients in Ardsley, Bronxville, Eastchester, Dobbs Ferry, Greenburgh, Hartsdale, Hastings-On-Hudson, Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, White Plains and Yonkers.

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Head west on Nepperhan Ave toward S Broadway
Make a U-turn at S Broadway
Slight right onto Yonkers Ave
Turn left onto the Saw Mill Pkwy North ramp
Merge onto Saw Mill River Pkwy N
Take exit 5A for Palmer Rd toward Yonkers
Turn right onto Palmer Rd
Turn right onto Gramatan Dr
Destination will be on the right
Head east on Ludlow St toward Bridge St
Continue on Riverdale Ave
Turn left onto Riverdale Ave
Turn right onto Prospect St
Continue onto Nepperhan Ave
Use the right 2 lanes to turn slightly right onto
Yonkers Ave
Turn left onto Midland Ave
Turn left onto Mile Square Rd
Drive to Gramatan Dr
Get on NY-9A N from W 260th St, Fieldston Rd and
W 253rd St
Head south on Riverdale Ave toward W 260th
Turn left onto W 260th St
Turn right onto Tyndall Ave
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Turn right at the 1st cross street onto
Fieldston Rd
Turn right onto W 253rd St
Turn right onto the NY-9A N/H Hudson Pkwy
ramp to Yonkers
Take Saw Mill River Pkwy N to Palmer Rd in
Take exit 5A from Saw Mill River Pkwy N
Continue on Palmer Rd.
Drive to Gramatan Dr



Head southwest on

Warburton Ave toward Arthur St

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Take Montague Pl and

Torre Pl to Saw Mill River Rd

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Take Fortfield Ave to Palmer Rd

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Turn right onto Gramatan Dr


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Take Roberts Ave, Saw Mill River Pkwy S and Palmer Rd to Gramatan Dr

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Turn right to merge onto Saw Mill River Pkwy S

Take exit 5 A toward Palmer Rd/Yonkers

Turn right onto Stratton St S

Turn right onto County Rte 33II/Palmer Rd

Continue to follow Palmer Rd

Turn right onto Gramatan Dr

Destination will be on the right



Take Round Hill Dr and Heights Dr to Central Park Ave

Head southwest on Windermere Dr toward Round Hill Dr

Turn left onto Round Hill Dr

Turn left onto Heights Dr

Follow Central Park Ave to Palmer Rd.

Take the Palmer Rd exit from Central Park Ave

Turn right onto Central Park Ave

Keep left to stay on Central Park Ave

Take the Palmer Rd exit

Drive to Gramatan Dr


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Continue on Winfred Ave to Central Park Ave

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Turn right onto Trenchard St

Turn left onto Whittier Ave

Take Mile Square Rd to Kingston Ave

Turn right onto Central Park Ave

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Turn right onto Seminary Ave

Seminary Ave turns slightly left and becomes Smart Ave

Turn left onto College Pl

Turn right onto Mile Square Rd

Drive to Gramatan Dr